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You have your service and MOT every year, but when was the last time you serviced your air conditioning and heating system?

Changes in the temperature of your car’s cabin leads to the formation of condensation and moisture in your ventilation system. This condensation and moisture leads to bacteria rapidly multiplying on your car’s surfaces, especially where there is warmth and moisture often leading to smelly air conditioning or a bad smell when you use your heating. Yuck!

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But how do you clean your air conditioning system?

To get rid of any smelly air conditioning, and to clean your aircon we recommend our anti-bacterial heating and ventilation decontamination treatment alongside your annual MOT and service.

Our treatment kills bacteria, mould and fungi by disinfecting your air conditioning system, as well as your vehicle cabin, in doing so it improves your air flow and quality. Say goodbye to those bad smells in your air con and heating!

Not only have our customers noticed a decrease in the smell of their aircon, our treatment has been independently laboratory tested and has been proved to kill 99.99% of viruses! The treatment is also EN1276 and EN14476 approved. We’re so confident in our service, we’re offering a 12-month warranty with each treatment carried out.

To book your ventilation decontamination treatment, speak to our advisors in branch who will help advise you of availability and get you booked in.

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