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What is Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase is a standard and straight-forward finance option that helps to relieve financial stress. With Hire Purchase you pay for your vehicle in regular monthly payments resulting with you owning the vehicle at the end of the agreement. This finance option is suitable if you would like to buy a car but can’t afford to buy one outright. Hire Purchase is a car finance deal that is more manageable with added bonus of owning the vehicle, providing all payments are made prior to the end of the contract.

At Sandicliffe our Hire Purchase finance deals are available on a variety of models across our range. Hire Purchase is also valid with either a privately owned vehicle, fleet vehicle or commercial. Take a look on our page to find out more about van hire purchase deals.

What you need to remember about Hire Purchase

At Sandicliffe we will help you to tailor a personal Hire Purchase plan based on your preferred repayment period and available deposit. Our repayment plans are typically between 12-60 months, we will then agree on how much your monthly fixed payments will cost. The balance of your agreement will be based on the purchase price and will exclude your deposit price. Interest and fees are also added to work out the overall total to be repaid monthly. Once all of your payments have been made you will then own the vehicle.

There may be individual Hire Purchase options based on your manufacturer, for example Ford Acquire that are adapted for Ford models.

Nearly New Cars Loughborough

Looking for a new car that’s in almost mint condition, with a discounted price tag? Our broad range of nearly new cars in Loughborough are the perfect solution for you. At our Derby Road dealership in Loughborough, we stock many nearly new car models from Ford, Nissan and Mazda. The dealership is close to Regent Place Retail Park and Loughborough Railway Station.

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Nearly New Car Deals Loughborough

A nearly new car may have been used before (as a demonstrator vehicle), or it could be pre-registered directly from the manufacturer. Either way, you will benefit from low mileage and a near-pristine car both inside and out. Browse all our nearly new cars for sale in Loughborough and save £1000’s.
Simply fill out a quick enquiry form and a member of our expert team will get back to you soon!

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Nearly New Cars Leicester

We have a wide selection of nearly new cars for sale at our five Leicester dealerships. With sites at Groby Road and Welford Road, you are never far from a fantastic nearly new car deal in the local area! We stock Ford, Kia and Mazda models – all in near-perfect condition with low mileage on the clock.
Welford Road is home to our largest FordStore as well as Mazda, and is within walking distance of the University of Leicester and Welford Road Stadium.

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Nearly New Cars for Sale in Leicester

Whether you want to make an upfront payment or go for monthly finance, you can get £1000’s off our nearly new cars in Leicester. Our manufacturer-trained technicians have fully inspected and tested each car to ensure it’s in optimum condition inside and out, and every vehicle itself is manufacturer-approved before appearing on our forecourts.
For full specifications and to request a free test drive or quote, simply browse our Leicester-specific range of nearly new cars below.

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Nearly New Cars Nottingham

Our Abbeyfield Road Nissan dealership our largest in Nottingham, and is just a stone’s throw from Riverside Retail Park.

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Nearly New Car Deals Nottingham

You can find cheap nearly new cars with amazing cash payment or finance deals at any of our Nottingham sites. Due to many of our cars being demonstrator vehicles or pre-registered, we can offer £1000’s off our nearly new cars alongside low mileage.Here you can view full specification of all our nearly new cars in the Nottingham area and submit a quick, free enquiry.

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