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A Special Experience

A Special Experience

A Special Experience

The Ford Vignale Experience

Product is only half the story when it comes to the Vignale range, with customer service being paramount to the luxury lifestyle collection. Your specifically appointed Vignale Relationship Manager will always be on hand to help attend to anything you may need. As the service has been designed to maximise your time, services such as collection and delivery and car washes at your own convenience are customary.

  • Collection & delivery for service appointments
  • Complimentary car wash at your convenience
  • Option for Premium vehicle care
  • Vignale One Call 24/7 access to customer support
  • Home delivery of your new Ford Vignale

The S-MAX Vignale

The Ford S-MAX Vignale is a premium alternative to the traditional S-MAX. Ford have meticulously handcrafted a vehicle that still captures all of the features that you fell in love with, but is designed with the highest level of luxury you can find for the Ford brand.

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The Ford S-MAX Vignale invites you to immerse yourself in luxury and capability. After taking inspiration from the fashion industry the final design is then sketched and finalised by professional art and design experts. Its unique design makes a statement as the vehicles modern edges are finished with plush chrome detailing and metallic paint. The impressive range of colours are then complimented with 18” alloy wheels as standard. The Adaptive Lighting with Ford Dynamic LED headlights are framed with chrome surrounds, highlighting the iconic Vignale hexagonal grille. Privacy Glass conceals with rear of the vehicle keeping your interior exclusive. Hand crafted soft touch leather coats the interior, quilted into a hexagon design on the seating in your custom colour. The seats are framed in a tuxedo style creating a premium appearance. The perforated material allows for ventilation and it held together with the finest thread. Apart from the statement seats; the dashboard; is again once detailed with chrome fittings. Fitted with state of the art technology and features allows for a stress free driving experience. Overall the Vignale’s classic design is timeless.

Exterior Features

As well as its striking design the S-MAX Vignale is packed with features. Front and rear parking sensors fitted as standard allow for easy parking and manoeuvring. Not only this, but the added Rear View Parking camera gives you full control when reversing. The Ford Key free system creates the sense of seamless entry in your vehicle and also start up, tying in with its personal design. Unique features have also been incorporated such as Active Noise Control and Active Park Assist. The Active Noise Control creates a quiet oasis, perfect for you to use Ford SYNC 3 with Voice Control and touchscreen. Allowing you to fill your cabin with your noise and your noise only. The optional Active Park Assist feature takes away the stress of parking and can steer you into a space 20% longer or wider than the car at just the touch of a button.

Interior Features

Well it definitely looks the part, but does it deliver? The simple answer, yes. This beautiful vehicle is full of innovative features, created by Ford technology experts. Not only is the cabin calmed with Active Noise Control but the sense of calm is enhanced with Ambient Lighting and Power Adjustable Seats with memory function, the seats also have varied heating settings. Driver experience has been a huge focus during the design process. Automatic headlights and Rain sensing wind wipers allow you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Ford Mondeo Vignale

The Ford Mondeo Vignale is a premium upgrade from the tradition Mondeo models. Ford have spent countless hours ensuring that the vehicle delivers luxury whilst still capturing the Mondeo’s original and raw beauty.

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The Ford Mondeo Vignale’s initial impression is powerful. Design elements taken from the fashion industry & interior design have helped the Mondeo Vignale establish itself as a unique, luxury vehicle. Modern edges have helped the body of the car appear powerful, finished in a fine metallic paint in a colour of your choice. As well as an impressive array of colours available, the vehicle is then decorated with exclusive 18” alloy wheels as standard. As you look to the front of the vehicle the hexagon grille makes an impact for all the right reasons. Dynamic cornering LED headlights are a welcome addition featured above the fog lights in beautiful chrome frames. The vehicle has been customised with privacy glass ensuring privacy and an exclusive feeling. Fine, soft leather is quilted over the interior in the statement hexagon pattern. The seats are designed in a tuxedo fashion creating a premium finish. The design has been engineered to allow ventilation on the seats by perforating the material in a stylish pattern, all of this is tied together with fine silk thread. Chrome fittings accessorise the modern dashboard, incorporating the latest in driver technology, as well as classic overall design. Ford have worked hard to balance the heritage during the design process and the end result is nothing far from exquisite.


As well as its stunning design the Mondeo Vignale also delivers the most cutting edge driver technology on the market. Enjoy complimentary Parking Sensors and Rear Parking Camera for easy parking. The addition of the Active Park Assist and Park-out Assist will also improve your parking ability greatly. To coincide with the seamless design of the vehicle, Keyless Entry has been introduced. Technology features such as Active Noise Control and Traffic Sign Recognition have been built in for extra convenience. The Active Noise control feature is designed to enhance your driving experience within the cabin. Enjoy the silence or fill the silence with your own sounds using the Ford SYNC 2 system. The Ford SYNC 2 system includes a range of high tech features all available at your fingertips such as, Voice Activation and Emergency Assist, it will even read your text messages to you if you wanted it to! The full colour dashboard screens allow you to immerse yourself into an epic driver experience. Exclusive features such as the ambient lighting, Vignale scuff plates and floor mats all tie into the premium lifestyle that the Ford Vignale range offers you.


You have the choice of Petrol or Diesel engines however both are united by performance and economy. Ford are passionate about delivering superior drive as well as reducing your carbon footprint and have therefore designed an award winning engine solely for this purpose. The 2.0 Ecoboost 240PS Petrol engine has a turbocharger as well as direct injection. A diamond like coating has been applied to the piston rings to improve performance. The 2.0 Duratorq TDCi 210PS engine has established itself as one of the most fuel efficient yet high-power performance cars in its class. The bi-turbo diesel engine achieves 56.5mpg with CO2 emissions of 130g/km*.

Why choose Ford Mondeo Vignale?

The Vignale range has been completely designed around you. It’s not just a car, it’s an experience. From the moment you enter the showroom and our Vignale Lounge, your dedicated Relationship Manager will introduce you to the range and help you customise and design your vehicle. Once finalised to your exact standards the process of ordering the car is then taken on by your Relationship Manager, they will ensure that this process flows as smoothly as possible and that you are kept up to date at every possibility. We can supply you with a courtesy car so that your day to day lifestyle isn’t disrupted as you wait for your new Ford Mondeo Vignale to arrive. Not only this but once it lands at the dealership we will even offer to deliver it to you. The unique handover experience will then begin as we give you a tour of the Vignale capability, an enjoyable experience for both parties. Why stop there? Take advantage of the Vignale Owners Club App to receive exclusive offers at premium events, restaurants and venues.
We are confident that the Vignale sales process has been crafted to ensure great consumer experience, however Ford have a one call 24-hour customer support team on hand just in case.

Ford Edge Vignale

The Ford Edge Vignale has inherited all the beauty of the original model but has evolved to compete at a premium level.

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Taking inspiration from the fashion and interior design industry, the Ford Edge Vignale invites the adventurous driver to take advantage of high performance in pure, indisputable style. The unique and striking design stands at an impressive height, showing off its attractive grille. Its strong lines and curves extend to the back of the vehicle and the modest spoiler, giving the SUV just a hint of fun. A range of beautiful colours are available to compliment the exclusive 20” alloys fitted as standard. The Adaptive Lighting with Ford Dynamic LED headlights sit comfortably in chrome frames next to the strong hexagon grille. Privacy Glass has also been added to the rear of the vehicle, concealing your private cabin area. Soft touch leather has been quilted over the interior adding luxury and elegance. The leather is threaded into a tuxedo style with fine silk and incorporates ventilation with perforation detailing. The open dashboard has been detailed with chrome fittings and boasts a high standard of driver technology, all accessible at your fingertips. The Ford Edge Vignale has been classically designed but has been adapted to include the latest state of the art technology.


The powerful design is complemented with an array of in car and driver technology. The all leather seats are fully adjustable with memory function for added convenience, as well as boasting varied heat settings. The Ford Key Free system emulates a seamlessness to the introduction of the vehicle, the experience becomes effortless. Ingenious features such as Rain Sensing Window Wipers and Automatic Headlights take the stress away from driving, allowing the driver to relax and enjoy the journey. The Ford SYNC3 system built into the 8” LED touchscreen allow drivers to immerse themselves in voice controlled entertainment and music as well as feeling reassured by safety features such as Emergency Assistance. To enhance your experience within the cabin, Active Noise Control extracts the noise allowing you to enjoy the crisp DAB speaker output. Ambient lighting has also been introduced to decorate the cabins elegant lines and curves. Features such as Parking Sensors and Rear Parking Camera have been incorporated to encourage easy, stress free driving.


The Ford Edge Vignale promises power performance with its 2.0 Duratorq diesel engine options. The engine focuses on responsiveness and strength, making it very fun but controlled. All engines are built with the Auto-Start-Stop function to help improve on economy and fuel saving. This contributes to great running costs and ownership.

Why choose Ford Edge Vignale?

The Vignale sales process is an experience, designed solely around the customer. Once entering the showroom, your selected Vignale Relationship Manager will accompany you to the Vignale Lounge where you can explore the classic Vignale Collection. The Lounge is a relaxed environment where you can enjoy one on one discussions in complete privacy. As the initial design process starts you will get to enjoy the freedom of Vignale, by customising your vehicle to your particular style and personality. As soon as you are happy with the finalised model, your Relationship Manager will then continue to oversee the production and delivery of your bespoke Ford Edge. They will then manage the delivery to ensure its arrival is on time and you are kept well informed throughout. If required, your dedicated Manager can also arrange for you to have access to a free of charge courtesy car, whilst you await the arrival of your brand new Ford Edge Vignale, we will deliver this to you at your convenience. Once the vehicle lands on site, the delivery is a priority, we will arrange for this to be delivered to you if necessary. The unique and informative handover can then begin, giving you an insight into the Vignale lifestyle. Finally, the vehicle is then yours to enjoy but the fun doesn’t stop there, you can then download the exclusive Vignale Owners App to receive offers at a variety of premium bars, events and restaurants.
For extra piece of mind, Ford have a dedicated one call 24-hour Vignale Support team on hand to answer any concerns you may have during the process.

Ford Kuga Vignale

The Ford Kuga Vignale is all that you love about the Ford Kuga, but better.

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The Ford Kuga Vignale captures the strength of the traditional Ford Kuga but also demands an appreciation for its finely crafted lines and attention to detail. The premium vehicle sits at a comfortable height drawing attention to the statement hexagon grille on the face of the vehicle. Feature Bi-Xenon headlights sit at either side of the grille, as well as chrome framed fog lights. The face is then finished with a chrome and mesh bumper creating. The vehicle is available in a wide range of fine metallic paint and detailed with 19” alloy wheels as standard for extra impact. A strong line across the sides of the Kuga highlight its impressive size and draw your eyes to its modern curves. At the back of the vehicle a mesh panel sits above the double exhaust, reinforcing the Kuga’s power and performance. Chrome detailing on the roof rail and badges add an inviting, premium feel. Within the cabin Ford encourages you to immerse yourself in an oasis of space and luxury. Soft quilted leather is draped over the tuxedo style seats, threaded with fine silk. The open dashboard area has been crafted from quality materials and has been designed meticulously. Chrome fittings decorate the interior. The overall design has focused on balancing heritage as well as including state of the art design and technology – timeless.


State of the art features and driver technology have been incorporated into the Kuga Vignale to create an enjoyable and relaxing driving experience. The generous cabin space boasts numerous features such as adjustable Heated Front Seats with memory function, the SYNC3 audio and entertainment system, Nine premium Sony speakers and Hands-free tailgate. All of which is accentuated with Ambient cabin lighting. The Ford SYNC3 system also has a variety of voice activated features for you to use at your leisure. The exterior has also been designed to coincide with the technology displayed within the car. Features such as Bi-Xenon high intensity headlights, Active Park Assist and Quickclear windscreen have all been added as standard, guaranteeing the ultimate driving experience. All of the features available have been incorporated into the design seamlessly and can be activated instantaneously.


The wider central bonnet dome protects the ever powerful 1.5 Ecoboost Petrol or 2.0 TDCi Deisel engine. Both engines promise high performance whilst maintaining modest fuel and economy costs. The ingenious, award winning Ecoboost engines have revolutionised performance driving, allowing the eco-friendly driver to also enjoy power and speed. In turn, these engines have become a popular option, however the TDCi engines are still available and are equally desirable.

Why choose Ford Kuga Vignale?

The Vignale experience has been designed for you. Upon entering the dealership showroom, your designated Vignale Relationship Manager will escort you to our Vignale Lounge where you can enjoy one on one hospitality and discover the Vignale Collection. As discussions start you will soon realise a lot of the design aspects are completely down to you. Vignale offers a freedom for customers to personalise their vehicle until it completely reflects personality and is suitable for you. Once the design has been finalised your Relationship Manager will then oversee the Sales process so you don’t have to. They will ensure the process runs smoothly and on time. To avoid inconvenience whilst you await your brand new vehicle, we will collect and deliver a courtesy vehicle for you to use at your leisure. You will have regular and informative updates on the progress of your vehicle and once it arrives on site they will prioritise your delivery. The unique Vignale handover process is enjoyed by both parties as you discover all that the Ford Kuga has to offer. The vehicle is then yours to drive away and enjoy but the experience doesn’t stop once the keys are handed over. Take advantage of the Vignale Owners Club app to receive exclusive offers for premium events and restaurants.
As a precaution Ford have a one call 24-hour dedicated Vignale Support Team to answer any questions or concerns during the sales process.

Vignale Lounge

At our FordStores Leicester and TrentBridge, our modern and comfortable Vignale Lounges offer you a stress free car shopping environment. Enjoy browsing the features on our table top touchscreens or choose for your Vignale Relationship Manager to guide you through the exclusive materials and technology on offer and tailor them to your individual needs.


In Alfredo Vignale’s 1950’s world every last detail mattered, and this is why Ford put the same attention to detail into the bespoke Vignale range. With heavy influences from the design and fashion world, Vignale is beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing and full of innovate technology.


Even down to the stitching of the premium leather it is clear that Ford have set a focus on quality and premium materials. From the custom designed seating to the soft subtle leather, it has all been carefully planned to look as good as it feels, all signed off with the Vignale signature.

The Vignale collection is available now at our FordStore Leicester and FordStore Trent Bridge.

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Why choose a Vignale?

Why wouldn’t you? Not only does Vignale deliver ground breaking driver technology, it does so with class and style. The Vignale experience begins from the moment you enter the showroom. You will be taken to our dedicated Vignale lounge to hand craft your perfect vehicle. Your personal Vignale Relationship Manager will talk through all of your options and allow you to hand pick your features and design. Once this has been done, they will be on hand to make sure the order and delivery process runs as smoothly as possible, organising every detail around your schedule. With regular updates on the progress of your tailor made vehicle you won’t have to worry about chasing us. Once built and quality checked we can then arrange for the vehicle to be collected and delivered to your door. Once you’ve taken ownership of your car, you can download the Vignale Owners Club app. You can take advantage of our exclusive offers at numerous premium events and restaurants, because why should the premium lifestyle stop at your car? Despite all of this, if you had any concerns Ford have dedicated 24-hour customer support team on hand for all your vehicle needs.


Vignale models are only available at our specialist FordStores below;