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The Transit Connect Auto

The Transit Connect drives just as well as Passenger car, but boasts a practical design and considerably large load out space.

We now have the latest Ford Commercial Vehicle debut, featuring an automatic transmission and Sync infotainment system in the Ford Transit range.

Transit front-wheel drive and Transit Custom customers who require comfort and convenience can now choose a six-speed Select Shift automatic transmission instead of Manual Gearboxes which are available for delivery today.

There are many benefits to switching to an Automatic Transmission, from fuel economy to safety, take a look at our top four below!

Resale Value

Even if you’re not looking to sell your car, the resale value is something many people take into consideration. Automatic cars tend to maintain their value more than manuals. The reasonings behind this is because they are easier to drive, and easier to maintain.

Easier in Traffic Jams

One of the most frustrating things when it comes to driving, is when you’re not moving anywhere because of traffic. As most drivers have experienced resting your foot on the clutch can ache and increase your stress levels. The general experience in Traffic with an automatic is easier because there is no extra fiddling around with pedals.


When you’re driving a manual car, accuracy is one of the biggest problems that people face. To change gears, timing is of the essence. If you change gear wrong, it can lead to the gears grinding and damage to the transmission. With an automatic this will no longer be an issue, as it does all the changing on its own and be a smoother driving experience.

Easier to Drive

All you have to worry about with an automatic is how to switch between driving forward, reversing and parking. The rest is all dealt with by the car itself. For a more nervous driver, this can give you peace of mind as there is less to worry about. It also allows you to concentrate more when you’re driving rather than what you’re doing with your hands and feet.

Switch to an Automatic with Sandicliffe Ford Transit Centre today!

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