Ford Technology

Ford are among only the very best when it comes to innovative and exciting car technology. From incredible in-car entertainment and connectivity systems in Ford SYNC to market leading car safety in Fords Active City Stop, Ford have covered it all in their latest line-up of automotive technology.

Ford's technology is here to make driving your Ford an experience like no other. Therefore, Fords technology ranges from systems designed to entertain as well as technology to increase safety and improve everyday convenience. Below you will find all of the Ford technology features available in Ford's current generation of car models. 

Ford Lane Keeping Technology 

Ford has designed a Lane Keeping function to try and avoid accidents caused by unintentional lane departure. This kind of collision is very common and impacts at motorway speeds can often be severe.

Lane Keeping Technology works by alerting you to unintentional lane drifting by showing an alert on the driver console and vibrations through the steering wheel.

The system works with a mounted camera at the top of the windscreen which views the road ahead and identifies the road markings. So if your Ford Vehicle is driving over 40mph, the system will alert you should it detect a drift which seems unintentional. If the indicators have been used or the system detects lateral acceleration, it will assume an intentional lane change. 

Ford Lane Keeping Reacts To Your Speed 

When driving at speeds below 40mph, the alerts are suppressed so as not to become annoying with incessant signals in a town environment. Lane Keeping Technology does not control your vehicle's steering, it simply alerts you that the vehicle seems to be unintentionally drifting out of the lane. 

Ford Quick-Clear Windscreen Technology 

Quick-Clear Windscreen Technology is a trademarked term by Ford, which refers to their heated windscreen technology. 

The system works by using a tight mesh of extremely thin, barely visible, heating wires which sit between 2 layers of windscreen.

When the simple push button system is activated these wires heat up, defrosting and/or demisting the windscreen in seconds; a job which would take a conventional heater 10 minutes or more to clear.

Quick-Clear Windscreen Technology comes as standard on most of the bestselling Ford Models such as the S MaxMondeoand Kuga. It is also available on the Zetec and Titanium specifications of the KaFiesta and Focus

Ford Ecoboost Engine Technology 

Defined simply, the Ecoboost engine is a combination of direct fuel injection and turbo charging which improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions without sacrificing engine power. Ecoboost engines are designed to deliver the same torque and power as that of larger engines whilst achieving 20% better fuel efficiency. For example, the 1-litre Ecoboost engine delivers performance to rival the traditional 1.6-litre engine, but offers significant improvements in fuel efficiency and lowers CO2 emissions. 

In an Ecoboost engine, the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber which is a cleaner, more efficient way to burn fuel. The turbocharge delivers more power as more air is forced through the engine. This arrangement enables the engine to deliver maximum power with great fuel economy. 

Engine sizes range from the 1 litre ecoboost to the 2.3 litre which will be available in the Ford Mustang.

How many Ecoboost engines are available? 

Ecoboost engines are now available throughout most of the Ford range. The 1-litre engine is available in the FiestaB MaxEco Sport and Mondeo and delivers up to 125 PS. The 1.6-litre engine can be found in the Fiesta STKugaS-Max and Galaxy, and is available with 160 PS. The new 1.5-litre engine can be found in the Focus and Mondeo and produces 160PS with fuel economy of 5.9 litres/100km. Available in the MondeoS-Max and Galaxy is the largest and most powerful 2-litre Ecoboost engine which delivers an impressive 240PS.

Ford will continue focusing on turbo technology so this will not be a definitive list for the future. Describing EcoBoost Technology as an affordable and adaptable alternative to the power output and fuel efficiency of hybrid and diesel technologies, the intention is to use it extensively in future vehicle applications. 

Ford Active Park Technology 

This system has been designed to help you steer your car into tight parallel parking spaces. All you need to do is brake and accelerate. 

Once activated, the system scans for an appropriate space and once a space is found an alert will sound to notify the driver. Park Assist Technology then instructs the driver when to brake and shift into reverse; it will then take control of the steering to park the car while the driver maintains control of the pedals.

Activated by a button on the dashboard, Active Park Assist uses ultra-sonic sensors located on the front and rear bumpers which act as both a transmitter and receiver. The sensors scan the area around the car until it finds a space suitable to park the car. 

Active Park Assist Technology is currently available with the Focus, the C Max, the Grand C Max and the Kuga.

Ford Blind Spot Information System Technology 

Fords Blind Spot Monitor or BLIS was designed by Ford to prevent collisions resulting from missing a vehicle in the driver's blind spot, as well as to prevent fuel loss.

Two multi-beam radars attached to the rear bumper detect when a vehicle enters the blind spot and alerts the driver with an LED light in the corresponding wing mirror. This alert will stay on until the vehicle has moved out of the blind spot and into view of the driver.

The range on the radars goes from the wing mirror to approximately 3 meters behind the rear bumper, plus 3 meters on either side of the car covering a wide area around the vehicle.

BLIS is great for use in urban driving and for use in slow moving motorway traffic, as it works from speeds as low as 6mph. 

BLIS is available with the S-Max and the Galaxy and the latest models of the Focus and C Max

Ford Easy Fuel Technology 

Ford Easy Fuel Technology was originally designed to stop people filling up with the incorrect fuel by error. Another bonus is that the system also makes it extremely difficult for fuel to be syphoned.

Easy Fuel works by adding a flap behind the external fuel filler opening, which is protected by the central locking system.

This spring-loaded flap is held secure by latches which can only be released by inserting a standard size fuel nozzle into the filler neck. The flap then closes automatically when the nozzle is removed.

Designed to prevent fuel loss 

The refuelling vapour recovery system was designed to prevent fuel loss through vapour escaping whilst refuelling, but this can also prevent syphoning, as the system detects the pressure of liquid fuel passing through.

You cannot refuel from a petrol can without a special adapter, as this nozzle would not be recognised. However an adapter comes with your Ford for you to keep close by should you need to use it.

Easy Fuel Technology is available on the latest models of the FiestaFocus and Mondeo

Ford SYNC Technology

Ford SYNC Technology is a voice controlled infotainment system which lets you control some features without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel, such as making calls or changing the radio station.

It can also read text messages out loud whilst you are driving and gives you the option to call the sender of the message back without taking your hands off the wheel.

If a nozzle of the incorrect size or a foreign object is placed into the filler neck the latches will fail to release, preventing you from topping up with the incorrect fuel for your vehicle. 

Simple, effective & efficient 

Ford Sync couldn’t be more simple to use. An instruction such as “phone, call home” will automatically call the number under the name ‘home’ stored in the smartphone connected to the system.

A great addition to Ford SYNC Technology is Emergency Assist, a potentially lifesaving feature. If a collision occurs which deploys the airbags or deactivates the fuel pump, Ford SYNC will make a call to the emergency services and provide your GPS coordinates in case you are unsure or unable to tell them where you are, providing your smartphone is connect via Bluetooth.

Ford SYNC can also play your favourite songs by a simple voice command.  

Ford SYNC 2

SYNC 2 is the second generation version of SYNC. It boasts an 8” colour touch screen split into four sections: audio, satnav, climate and phone. With SYNC 2 you can control the climate temperature of the vehicle with a voice command as well as finding the nearest restaurant through the satnav, just by saying “I’m hungry”.

A range of apps such as Spotify and Cityseeker can be accessed through your connected smartphone, thanks to Applink. You can use the Ford app catalogue to see what apps are already accessible.

Ford has worked to vastly improve the voice recognition of SYNC 2 and it now responds to more natural phrases and terminology, to make it even easier to use with minimal distraction to your driving.

SYNC 2 is available with new FocusCMAXBMAXFocus STFiesta STFiestaKuga and Transit Custom

Ford SYNC 3

SYNC 3 is the third generation version of Ford SYNC. SYNC 3 enables you to use voice control to make a call, listen to your favourite tracks and even select apps with SYNC Applink. Voice-activated technology from Siri Eyes Free helps you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel; minimising any safety risks.

Pairing and connecting your smartphone also automatically loads SYNC-enabled apps to Ford SYNC 3. Other features such as the capacitive touchscreen has improved functionality, such as the pinch to zoom and swipe functions, similar to those found on your smartphone. The system responds to your voice commands with ease and efficiency, to perform tasks such as calls without your attention being distracted.

Easy destination entry with SiriusXM TravelLink® SiriusXM Traffic® makes finding the most difficult to find places a doddle, for example the system to find the nearest restaurant, ATM or cinema. Responsive and adaptive search results are also based upon your preferences! 

The new design and improved layout look great with three windows. The left half is the navigation, upper right is audio and lower right is your connected smartphone. The bottom tray shows other available features from infotainment, climate control, phone, apps, navigation and settings. Ford SYNC 3 will also automatically update when an available WiFi connection is available.

Ford SYNC 3 is availabe with 2015 and 2016 Ford Focus, Mustang, Fiesta, C-Max, Edge, Escape, Transit Connect and Transit vehicles. 

Ford Hands-Free Tailgate Technology

This innovative technology provides you with hands-free access to your Ford's boot. To gain access, you can simply swipe your foot underneath the rear bumper. The keyless entry fob will tell the car you are near and a motion sensor will detect your foot, enabling you to open and close the boot with your hands full. The system has been rigorously tested to prevent accidental opening, such as a bump in the road. It will only work when sensing your shin and the kicking motion. You don't need to worry about the boot lid closing on you either as motion sensors will detect if something is in the way of shutting.

You can also choose the height your boot lid opens to, so if you are in a multi-story car park you can limit how high the boot lid opens to prevent it from hitting the roof.

Ford have developed Hands-Free Tailgate Technology to make customers' everyday lives easier. It follows on from the Intelligent Access push-button start, which enables customers to unlock and start their vehicles without removing the key from their pocket or bag.