The Focus ST adds sporty details to the standard Focus inside and out. The lower body work is more defined and angular, the front grill is larger and the slimmer sweeping headlights give this range a great appearance.

The Focus ST comes in three different specifications the ST-1ST-2and ST-3. All versions have the individual ST appearance to differentiate them from other standard Focus models.

The Focus ST has its own unique sporty and forceful styling. With a low wide stance, side skirts, sculptured bonnet and slim headlights.

The interior has been redesigned to create a more intuitive and less complicated layout, with less clutter and a flat base sports steering wheel with a soft leather trim. The gear leaver is topped in satin chrome and unique ST pedals complete the stylish look. Recaro sports seats provide enough support to really enjoy what the ST has to offer, whilst still being comfortable enough to enjoy every day driving.

Transmission in the ST is built around the performance and the short throw gear shift has been designed to maximise this. The gear ratios are exclusive to the ST and ensure fast acceleration in low gears whilst sustaining comfortable cruising in 6th.

Ford has introduced a Diesel for the same price as the familiar Ecoboost engine for the new Focus ST. Similar to the petrol engine it has a responsive 6 speed gear box with different gear ratios to make the most of the power delivery. Based on the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder TDCi which can be found throughout the standard Focus range, this engine has a different air intake system to increase power.

The new Focus ST delivers on performance, efficiency, technology and design. As a track-tested performance car the Focus ST delivers a 0-62mph in just 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 154mph! The aluminium engine is ultra-responsive due to being extra lightweight providing instant acceleration with maximum torque available from 2000 RPM! 

The new Focus ST also features a new technology called Electronic Transitional Stability. The technology senses vehicle stability and inputs, the system can then react and respond to help you maintain ultimate precision when changing lanes and overtaking.

Our Sandicliffe FordStore, Leicester is home to the Focus ST Zone where our highly trained specialists are ready and waiting to assist you. All of our specialists not only have extensive knowledge of all of our Focus ST models, they are enthusiasts. With passion at the forefront, they can talk you through the styling & features from the Recaro sports seats & Ford Sync to the new ST's Ecoboost engine & its benefits. As the East Midland's leading family dealer, we believe in going further to ensure that you not only get an excellent deal on your new Focus ST but that you also receive excellent service.

Even the lowest spec model in the range doesn't skimp when it comes to the technology and features included. Below is a list of key features that can be found in the most "basic" Focus ST.

As well as the features listed below, the Focus ST-2 also includes all of the features listed above in the ST-1.

As well as the features listed below, the Focus ST-3 also includes all of the features listed above in the ST-1 and ST-2.