Personalised Race Red

Personalised White

Personalised Moondust Silver

Personalised Deep Impact Blue

Personalised Magnetic

Personalised Shadow Black

Personalised Copper Pulse

Personalised Bohai Bay Mint

Personalised Candy Blue

Personalised Candy Red

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Paint some personality onto your Ford!

Here at Sandicliffe, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to look at Used Cars and picture yourself driving them! You want that new car feeling, and you want it to feel like your own! Well, we have a unique experience on offer that could just satisfy your urge to put your own stamp on one of our Approved Used Ford Fiesta Zetec’s.

So, what does this experience involve?

You have a choice of any of our Used Ford Fiesta's at the Stapleford dealership, with a huge selection of colours you could personalise the vehicle with! Simply choose a colour from Ford’s exclusive range of paints and we will arrange for the roof panel and wing mirrors to be painted at our reputable in-house Ford Approved body shop.


Will having this paint work done affect my manufacturers paint and bodywork warranty?

In short, no. As we are a registered Ford dealership and we will be using Ford paint this will not void or have any affect on your outstanding paint and bodywork warranty.

Will I have to wait a long time for this to be done?

As the body-shop is in house, as soon as you have chosen your preferred colour we can get it painted and ready to drive away in 48 hours.

Please note: this is only for the roof, wing mirrors, fog light trim on the front and rear boot handle – If you would like variations of this, please contact us regarding your personal touch request.