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The Ford Mustang Shelby GT 618bhp

You wait fifty years for a Mustang and two come along at once! Well not quite, Ford insisted that the Mustang Shelby GT350R wouldn't be available to UK customers. Fortunately the Vegas based tuning house, Shelby are offering something miles better! A 618bhp upgrade to the new V8 GT model!

This means that for the first time UK customers will have the opportunity to upgrade their very own right-hand drive Mustang! Without having to settle for a left-hand drive import to cure that American car craving.

Style and Performance

If you have been waiting for the Mustang to arrive with a right-hand drive for as long as you can remember, then perhaps you will relish the thought of upgrading to the 618bhp Shelby.

The main features of the Shelby GT are the race-spec suspension, Shelby-designed wheels with Michelin racing tyres and the signature aluminium grille. The amount of power will be transferred to the ground via the racing tyres and the rear diffuser will ensure that the weight doesn't affect the engine's power.

Other options available are adjustable suspension, upgraded rear brakes and various exterior/interior features.

Ford Mustang Shelby Price

At A Glance

RHD & full UK spec

Performance Pack as standard

Choice of 618BHP or 700BHP supercharge engine

Shelby designed Michelin racing tyres, signature aluminium grille, race-spec suspension

The New Ford Mustang Shelby 2015

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