Ford SYNC 3 is currently Ford’s most up-to-date in-car infotainment system. Ford SYNC is Ford’s in-car infotainment system, enabling you to pair your smartphone with your car to make hands-free calls and voice commands such as selecting a song to listen to. Essentially it makes life easier when driving and SYNC 3 is set to go even further.

The third generation of Ford SYNC may just be their finest, with voice activated technology enabling you to keep your eyes on the road whilst controlling features and even apps with SYNC Applink. 

SYNC Connect Technology & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Although SYNC 3 is already available on some models in the U.S, new updates will also include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Sync Connect technology will also feature the ability to start vehicles, unlock doors, check your level of fuel and will even help drivers to find where they parked their car. More details of Ford’s new technology advancements will be released at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas.

Perhaps one of the most significant features of the SYNC 3 is WiFi connectivity allowing the car to automatically update from parked outside the house when connected to a wireless home network. Making life easier so that you don’t have to download updates yourself!

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will allow drivers to use Apple or Google Maps via the model’s navigation. The update will also feature music streaming and the ability to make calls via CarPlay. Ford owners will also have the option to use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Ford’s AppLink system for hands-free interaction.

Ford - Apple - CarPlay - 1

SYNC 3 to Feature On All 2017 Models

Ford also promise better smartphone connectivity & technology across their range as SYNC 3 will come as standard on all 2017 models. All current 2016 models will not include Apple CarPlay or Android Auto or any other updates but Ford insists that a free system update later this year will enable the updates to your model.

Other SYNC 3 updates will include a redesigned system with several new apps to be used with Ford’s AppLink. Details on apps for the UK are yet to be released but they may be similar to some of the apps available in the states. These include an app that monitors fuel prices and offers directions to the nearest gas station, an app that tracks mileage for work trips and Eventseeker which helps drivers to find nearby events. Perhaps some of these will transfer to the British version when the SYNC 3 is expected to debut later this year with the Ford Edge SUV.