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Sandicliffe Ford Service centres are your local solution for the replacement and fitting of batteries for your car or commercial vehicle. Our technicians are all fully qualified, trained to Ford's high standards and have years of experience behind them to ensure new Ford vehicle batteries are fitted correctly. As a company, Sandicliffe has been supplying and fitting batteries for Ford vehicles for over 60 years, so there's nothing we don't know about fixing your battery.

Are you in need of a new vehicle battery, but aren't sure what's caused it to run down? Here are the most common reasons for battery wear and failure.

- An electrical fault meaning that the battery isn't charging properly
- Leaving your lights and draining the battery
- General wear after using the battery for a number of years
- Parasitic draw (when a load is still on the battery even after turning everything off, from car accessories of on-board systems)
- Sulfation (when lead sulfate crystals form on the lead plates due to low water levels, reducing current within the battery)
- Corrosion of the battery terminals


If your car or commercial vehicle battery is less than a few years old and goes dead repeatedly, continuous replacements might be masking a deeper issue. Opt for a parasitic draw test and alternator test at one of our Ford Service sites, and our technicians can identify and fix underlying problems with the components of your car.

You can get a professional battery check as part of our Free Vehicle Health Check service, where we examine your tyres, steering, battery and brakes. Everything we do is Ford approved and falls in-line with their high standards of quality.

Book your service, MOT or repairs with one of the region's most trusted motor experts by calling 0845 344 8120 now. Or, use our quick and easy Online Booking Form.

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