Engine Servicing

A clean engine means better performance from your car, lower exhaust emissions and a longer engine life. So, it pays to have your engine regularly checked by the experts at your local Sandicliffe centre.

Everyday driving can build up sludge in your cars engine. During a normal oil change, contaminated oil can remain in your engine which degrades the new oil being added. This means you are not getting the very best performance from your engine.

At Sandicliffe, our experts can check and service your engine, flushing away any dirt and contaminants inside your cars engine. This can improve your cars performance and help your fuel economy. It can also help to prolong the life of your engine, allow the oil to flow around the engine more efficiently and reduce friction, allowing for smoother running.

At your local Sandicliffe centre we will carry out a free check and advise you on the best ways to get more from your engine. Whether your car is due a regular engine check at every 50,000 km or 2 years or you have had head gasket or radiator repairs, get in touch with us to find out more.

Book your service, MOT or repairs with one of the region's most trusted motor experts by calling 0115 939 5000 now. Or, use our quick and easy Online Booking Form.

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