Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Diesel in 2018

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about diesel cars, and we’re here to reassure you that its as good a time as ever to purchase one.

Jan 25, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Diesel in 2018

Diesel tremendously helps reduce CO2 emissions, they emit on average 20% lower CO2 than the petrol equivalent. Since 2002 diesel cars have saved more than 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere.

As you can see there are many benefits to owning a diesel car, the latest models meet the stringent Euro 6 emissions standard, with the latest Euro 6 vehicles being the cleanest in history. As well as having special filters, they also feature clever technology that converts most of the NOx from the engine into harmless nitrogen and water before it reaches the exhaust. 99% of all soot particles are removed from the exhaust, with Nissan having the best Euro standard emission rating. The latest Euro 6 cars are classed as low emission for the purposes of the London Ultra Low emission Zone due to come into force in 2019, meaning drivers of these vehicles will be free to enter the zone without charge.  As diesel has better fuel economy over petrol equivalent, this means you will spend less money at the pump. If you travel far or use a motorway regularly then you should consider buying a diesel car as they get more than 20% better mileage than other petrol variants.

Diesels are also better for towing and can tow heavier loads compared to petrol alternatives, this is because they have more torque (that’s more pulling power). This is especially beneficial for caravan and horse owners, as you will be able to tow your trailer with ease.

As diesel cars don’t need to be revved as much and give better acceleration, this makes diesels feel more powerful and this is great for pulling off, as diesel ignites under compression whereas petrol needs a spark, it makes it harder to stall. In addition to being more economical and easier to drive, diesel cars benefit with having lower CO2 emissions, so road tax is usually cheaper as well.

Worried about diesel?

If you are still undecided on whether you would benefit from buying a diesel then ask about our buyback guarantee. We can give you full peace of mind with our buy-back promise linked with our PCP offers so you be assured of a guaranteed future value which is fully underwritten. What more, should things change at the end of the term we can put you in a new greener car like the new Nissan Leaf

At Sandicliffe we have a range of new and used diesel cars available now, Ask about our buyback guarantee see our website, visit your local dealership or call 0115 939 5000 for more information.

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