Why You Need a Ford Mountune Performance Upgrade

Are you a performance enthusiast? Then you need to know about the benefits of a Ford Mountune Performance Upgrade!

May 28, 2018

Is the standard Ford Focus ST not giving you the performance drive you crave? or maybe the Fiesta model can’t handle your power? Then you need to know about the benefits of a Ford Mountune Performance Upgrade!

This upgrade is guaranteed to get more output from your Ford.

If you are psyched by performance then the Ford Mountune performance upgrade is what you’ve been looking for. Not sure how the upgrade will improve your Ford’s performance or why it is worth the money? Well, we have dissected all of the jargon to provide you with the facts!

What is a Mountune Upgrade

This is an upgrade to the car's features including an upgrade to both torque and PS as well as an alloy inlet duct, air filter, intercooler and ECU calibration. This will improve your car's performance with both speed and gear change.

Benefits of Mountune Upgrades

Mountune is a race engine and road-car performance specialist who alongside Ford has developed critically acclaimed packages that boost not only output but also performance. Many modifications and upgrades can affect your car's warranty, but rest assured the Mountune upgrade will not, and all the parts are covered for 12 months/12,000 miles. Mountune Performance Upgrades are designed for those passionate about the performance and output of their vehicle. It is also believed that some upgrades even improve MPG on models, although this is not a mentioned feature of the upgrades, just an added bonus.

Check out how Mountune upgrade has affected the Focus RS.

But who can fit it?

As a nominated Mountune Ford Dealer we can fit the latest Mountune upgrades on various Ford models. 

Ford Mountune Upgrades at Sandicliffe

As a nominated Mountune Ford Dealer, Sandicliffe are able to supply performance upgrades & Mountune parts. The upgrades are also approved by Ford, the only upgrade not to affect the base vehicle warranty with protection against mechanical failure for up to three years. All Mountune parts also come with a 12 month/12,000-mile warranty.

Our team of professionals and Ford enthusiasts will be able to assist you with all Mountune parts & upgrades. We currently provide Ford Mountune Performance Upgrades at selected Sandicliffe Ford Dealers. Costs of all Mountune parts and upgrades vary depending on the type of Ford model and year. The Sandicliffe team at our Mountune Dealers will be happy to inform you of all costs. You can contact us on 0115 9395000




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