Spring Cleaning Your Car: Top Tips for Getting Your Car Spring-Ready

Prepare your car for longer days and better weather with our definitive list of helpful car spring cleaning tips to make sure your car is squeaky clean!

Apr 08, 2016

With winter is behind us and the first signs of spring starting to show, now is the time to think about giving your car some seasonal TLC with a thorough spring clean. Slightly warmer weather and longer days mean that you have more opportunities to clean the exterior and interior of your car properly and enjoy the results for much longer. 
So set aside time this weekend to spend on your driveway, as we share our top tips for spring cleaning your car. 

Exterior car spring cleaning

To rid your car of the residual dirt and grime from the winter months, we recommend that you thoroughly wash the exterior of your car at the start of spring. 

1. 360⁰ exterior wash –

Wash the exterior surface with warm water and a mild detergent, as well as reaching into all the cracks and crevices and under the chassis with a chassis cleaner. We recommend Karcher Chassis Cleaner, as it does a fantastic job of removing winter road salt which can cause chassis corrosion. Once you have done this, ensure that no dirty water remains on the car by wiping it down with a soft, clean cloth. 

2. Cleaning the car windows – 

Wintery weather conditions such as rain, sleet and snow cause a build-up of dirt on your car’s windows – especially on the front and rear windscreens. To get your car windows looking clear and shiny again, clean any obvious smudges off with warm water, then spray on window cleaner and rub off with a damp cloth or chamois leather. To get a polished finish, do one last rub with a clean, dry towel. 

3. Cleaning the windscreen wipers –

While you’re preoccupied with cleaning your car windows, you mustn’t forget to clean the windscreen wipers too. A quick clean with a damp cloth to remove any stubborn dirt should be enough – to ensure that the wipers don’t drag it over your clean windows when next in use! Also check that the windscreen wipers fully touch to window. If they don’t touch or are somehow damaged, buy replacement windscreen wipers as soon as possible.

4. Exterior waxing –

The final stage of spring cleaning the exterior of your car is to give it a good wax. Make sure that you only apply a small amount on the cloth and tackle small areas at a time. Also ensure that there is no dirt remaining after the surface wash before applying wax. 

5. Cleaning the wheels –

Wash the wheels thoroughly with warm water and detergent using a damp cloth and a scrubbing brush – even an old toothbrush will work for cleaning within the tread patterns of the tyres. If you have enough time and experience, remove the hubcaps and clean them, before replacing. 
Extra Tip: If you haven’t got the time to clean in all those hard-to-reach places, it’s worth visiting a specialist carwash for a complete clean in minutes. 

spring cleaning car wheels

Interior car spring cleaning

Now that your car is looking squeaky-clean on the outside, it’s time to give the interior of your car the spring cleaning treatment. 

1. Organising –

Before you begin dusting and cleaning the interior of your car, it’s best to organise belongings; throwing out any unwanted items and neatly reorganising anything that’s out of place. This will make spring cleaning the interior much easier.

2. Carpet and upholstery –

The next area to cover in your car spring clean is the interior carpet and upholstery. Take removable car mats out of the car first, then clean debris from the floor and upholstery with a dustpan and brush before going over with a vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to vacuum the car mats before putting them back on the floors.  Next, use a damp towel to rub off any small marks or a more heavy-duty carpet and upholstery cleaner to tackle stubborn stains. We recommend Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

3. Cleaning the console –

To avoid the possibility of getting electrical components wet, carefully wipe the console area down with a damp cloth. This is mainly to remove dust. Pay attention to the areas around the clutch and cup holders, which usually become dusty quickly. 

4. Cleaning windows from the inside –

The inside windows can become dirty too. To leave your car’s windows completely clear, spray on window cleaner and shine them off with a dry towel. 

5. Cleaning the boot space –

Finally, don’t forget to give the boot of your car some attention as you finish the spring clean. Remove unnecessary winter items and give it a vacuum, before ensuring that your emergency car kit is in order. 
If you tick off all of these areas during your car’s spring clean, you will be ready to show it off on the road. Just watch out for puddles!
spring cleaning car interior

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