Road Trip Essentials

Planning a Road Trip over the summer? We'll ensure that you don't forget any of those last minute essentials!

Jun 08, 2015

You may have been de-icing your car early on frosty mornings for as long back as you can remember, but worry no more as summer is just around the corner! You may have seen our post on how to stay safe on the road, with many of us Brits planning a road trip over the summer season. Whether you are setting off on a road trip, cycling, a camping weekend or a getaway with the family, there is bound to be something that you will forget. Here are some handy tips and a collection of the perfect items and accessories to accompany your trip and to ensure that planning ahead goes without any bumps in the road. 



A Sat Nav may seem like the obvious option but why not get the most out of a road trip, go old school and use an actual paper map? Or at least take a spare in case the Sat Nav decides to give up. Nothing worse than getting lost or taking a wrong turn!

If you are going to use a Sat Nav, make sure to buy a decent one. Some of the cheaper models are often not to up to date; claiming that there is a roundabout that may have not been there for a year or two! Not that helpful…

Purchase a good travel guide or book from your local retailer, or if you would rather keep the amount of books, leaflets and maps to a minimum, then you could always check out some useful and trusted travel apps to download;

Google Maps
It goes without saying that Google maps is a trusty travel companion, especially if you don’t fancy forking out on a Sat Nav. It could be argued that the app is just as good, if not better and the plus is that you can use it straight from your smartphone!

AA Parking
So you’ve reached your destination and now you have to spend the next half hour or so searching for a car park. The AA parking app eliminates this problem, as well as finding nearby parking spaces, you can find out the cost and even the amount of spaces available!

Enter your destination and user-submitted traffic reports ensure that you are offered the quickest route possible for the road conditions. If you prefer a more reputable source then there’s also the RAC Traffic app. 

Who gives better advice than travel experts? The general public of course, from local attractions to worldwide. Tripadvisor covers all with a mixture of reviews.

With 8,000 destinations and no internet connection needed to operate. Triposo features a guide, currency converter, phrase book and activity suggestions even based on the weather. You may decide to venture over the channel and into France or even further afield, this app is a handy addition for hardcore road-trippers!


The British weather is unpredictable; factor fifty sun cream applied one minute, brolly up the next. With this said, ensure that you pack plenty of blankets and pillows, especially if travelling with children. Warm & weather resistant clothing is also advisable, even summer nights can see a drop in temperature! However, if the summer weather does surprise you, make sure that you take plenty of sun cream!


Broken down and stranded on the motorway is bad enough, but when your phone runs out of battery, it can add to the nightmare. Universal chargers are practical, as well as power inverters really helping in tricky situations.

Make the most out of the outdoors, whether you are cycling, kayaking or even skiing you will need a quality carrier, (we recommend Thule carriers) to ensure that transporting your equipment is made easy. 


Often things that are pretty essential are forgotten before a long trip. Ensure that your oil is checked, tyres are inspected and of course don’t forget your driver’s license & car documents.

Can’t bear the thought of leaving the pooch behind? You’ll need a dog guard!  

Keep a car emergency kit or breakdown supplies as you never know when tragedy may strike! It also may prevent you from calling out a breakdown service.  


This may seem like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised that even the most simple of items will be left behind in a hurry. Keep a torch to hand in your glove box so that tasks such as changing a wheel in the dark are made easier.


A first aid kit is essential if you or a passenger falls ill or gets injured. The nearest service station or pharmacy may be miles away!



If you do happen to breakdown and are registered with a breakdown service, this will save some time in helping you getting back on the road in no time or back home!


Load up on supplies! Especially if you are ahead of a long journey, service stations are sometimes few and far between. Ensure that you and your family stay hydrated and have plenty of snacks.

If you decide to really get the most out of the great outdoors and opt to camp, you will need a quality tent as well as other camping essentials. 


Need Inspiration for where to visit? Here is a list of our recommended scenic routes. Why not see here for many of the items mentioned in this post at great prices!

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