Nissan CARED4: Guaranteed Quality Used Cars

We have a broad range of Nissan CARED4 used cars & commercial vehicles, including 12 month warranty, after-sales care, exchange promise & more.

Jul 11, 2018

Nissan CARED4: Guaranteed Quality Used Cars
When on the search for a used car, you’re faced with hundreds of makes and models, discounts and incentives. But how do you know which Nissan used cars have been truly cared for before they arrived on the forecourt? How do you pick out the best quality vehicles from the masses of options? The answer is, with Nissan CARED4. 

What is Nissan CARED4?

Nissan CARED4 is a promise, from Nissan to owners of their used cars. They promise that their used cars will be thoroughly checked, come with a 12 month warranty, exchange deal and comprehensive after-sales support. These four pledges are what make this scheme stand out from the thousands of other used cars on the market from other manufacturers. 
You can enquire about Sandicliffe’s Nissan CARED4 used cars and commercial vehicles at our dealerships in Nottingham and Loughborough
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The scheme in detail…

Thorough Checks & Preparation

Every Nissan CARED4 used car is inspected by independent experts to ensure that the vehicle hasn’t been stolen or written off, there is no outstanding finance and that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches up with DVLA records. They will also research the mileage to make sure that there are no discrepancies. After the used car has passed these initial inspections, it will undergo a multi-point check and preparation process by trained Nissan technicians. Once the car has passed all of these checks, it can then be called a Nissan CARED4 vehicle. 

Minimum 12 month Warranty

When it comes to their range of used vehicles, Nissan are confident about their promises and committed to giving their customers peace of mind – before and after the sale. This is why every used car under the Nissan CARED4 scheme comes with a minimum 12 month warranty. To help ensure the best quality, all Nissan CARED4 vehicles are under seven years old and have covered less than 75,000 miles. Providing you have your used Nissan serviced within their manufacturer guidelines, you can even upgrade by an extra 12 or 24 months! 

Exchange Promise

Nissan CARED4 isn’t just about helping you find a first-class used car, it’s also about delivering exceptional customer service. So as part of the scheme, you have the option of a 30 day/1,000 mile exchange. This means that if there is an unlikely fault which can’t be fixed within the mileage and timeframe, you can exchange is for another used car of at least equal value. 

YOU+NISSAN After-Sales Support

As part of the Nissan CARED4 package, you will be eligible for YOU+NISSAN support for as long as you own the vehicle. This includes the following benefits for used car buyers: 
- A free Nissan courtesy car or lift if your car is in for service or repair 
- A free vehicle health check and optional vehicle assessment video, so that you know exactly what work needs doing
- Fixed-price servicing with like-for-like price-match of competitors within a 10 mile radius
- Free Roadside Assistance
- If your Nissan car has a problem, we will contact you with a possible resolution within two working days
To find out more about Sandicliffe’s range of Nissan CARED4 used cars and commercial vehicles in the East Midlands, call our specialists on 0844 692 2637.

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