Euro 6 Regulations - What Do They Mean?

All Ford Commercials must meet Euro 6 emissions standards reducing the emissions of NOx to ensure greener vehicles but what does this mean for commercials?

Nov 09, 2016

Euro 6 is the latest set of emission regulations set by the European Commission governing the amount of harmful exhaust gases a vehicle emits. Euro 6 regulations focus on the amount of harmful gases such as NOx that are emmited polluting the air, the regulations state that vehicles should meet these standards to drop emissions up to 80%. 

How is it different from Euro 5?

Euro 5 largely focused on reducing Co2 emissions where Euro 6 is mainly targeting Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions although it will also reduce sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbon and diesel particulate matter emissions as well as CO2. 

How are Ford Vans meeting Euro 6 regulations? 

Ford vans & the Ford Ranger will reduce NOx emissions by adding more technology. Smaller vans like the Transit Courier & Transit Connect use a simple NOx trap, while larger commercials like the Transit Custom & Ford Ranger are using Selective Catalyctic Reduction (SCR). SCR injects a reductant called AdBlue into the exhaust stream to neutralise the NOx. 

AdBlue is the most recognisable name for diesel exhaust fluid added to a special tank just below the fuel tank in the Transit & Transit Custom and next to the fuel tank on the Ford Ranger. Adding AdBlue is just as easy as topping up windscreen wash and is used to break down NOx into less harmful Nitrogen & water vapour. Prices do vary but AdBlue costs around £10-20 for 10 litres (buying in bulk is more cost-effective) and can be purchased in dealerships. 

Will Euro 6 affect the payload?

The payload will be affected between vehicles and spec levels, due to the extra weight of the SCR system and a full tank of AdBlue which have an effect on the kerbweight. This will impact the whole commercial market place and not only Ford and the Transit range

A full tank of AdBlue will last between 4,000 - 6,000 miles but this will depend on driving style, the weight carried and the type of journeys you make. However the Transit, Transit Custom and the Ford Ranger all have early warning systems that warn drivers when the vehicle is starting to run low. The first warning is at 1,500 miles and the second is at 500 miles ensuring that you have plenty of warning. The best advice is to top up every other time that you re-fuel and keeping a bottle of AdBlue at the back of your van. If you were to go below the minimum 6 litres, the vehicle will continue to operate intil switched off, to re-start the vehicle will need to be refilled back up to the minimum 6 litres. 

Benefits of the Euro 6

Apart from the obvious benefits to the environment by neutralising NOx, the new Euro 6 engines are much more efficient, which means better fuel economy. The new Euro 6 Transit Custom and Transit engines are also more powerful than the previous Euro 5 engines. Euro 6 engines also benefit from excellent performance features. 

Euro 5 is still available at Sandicliffe Transit Centres, keep your eye out for our deals on Euro 5 stock, nearly new and used on our Ford Vans page. 


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