Take a closer look at the facelifted 2022 Fiestas

Come with us as we explore the 2022 facelift on the Fiesta and the Fiesta Van!

Jan 06, 2022

Take a closer look at the facelifted 2022 Fiestas

It’s been a few months since Ford announced their new 2022 Fiesta and Fiesta Van, and as orders are flying in we decided to take an in depth look at the updates on both Fiestas.


The Ford passenger vehicle is an iconic staple on the UK roads, anyone under the age of 40 won’t remember a time there weren’t Fiesta’s on the road, and they have a fantastic and well-deserved reputation for being budget friendly and reliable.

The facelift is centred around the front end where you can really see the 2022 versions refresh. Featuring slimmer headlights and a different grille design that varies depending on which spec Fiesta you choose. The bonnet has been sculpted to give a higher nose profile that it’s predecessors and the Blue Oval has been moved to the grille where Ford say it contributes to “greater road presence.”

The visual refresh is centred on the front end, where the 2022 car is distinguished from its predecessor by way of slimmer headlights (now LED as standard or optionally matrix LED), and a markedly different grille design that varies slightly according to specification. The bonnet has been reshaped as well, to give a higher nose profile, while the Blue Oval emblem has been moved from the bonnet's leading edge to the grille, which is said to contribute to "greater road presence". 

Ford's European design boss, Murat Gueler, told car publication Autocar that his priority for the Fiesta was to give a "more grown-up feeling". "The current car – if you're very critical – is a bit rounded at the front. The line work around the headlights is a bit swoopy, a bit 'baby-eye', and some of the sculpturing is relatively simple," he said. "We felt, in that respect, the Fiesta could use an upgrade to refresh the front end."

Across the range there’s 7 new alloy wheel designs to choose from as well as three new colours, Beautiful Berry, Boundless Blue and for the ST the incredible Mean Green that has become incredibly popular in our showrooms already!

Engine wise in the Fiesta, not much has changed and the Fiesta comes with a petrol engine with an optional mild-hybrid element to choose from. The 1.0-litre 3 cylinder Eco boost Hybrid engine is available with either 123bhp or an adrenaline filled 153bhp!

In the standard pure combustion engine, you’ll enjoy a 99bhp Eco boost triple with a manual gearbox, it manages a fantastic 45.2mpg and emits 118g/km. However, if speed is your thing, the Fiesta ST’s 1.5 litre engine has been given some upgrades!

The torque has been boosted from 214lb/ft to 236lb/ft and pushes out 197bhp, doing 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of approx. 143mph. If you choose the ST you’ll also get a new Track mode instead of the Eco mode which disables the traction control and sets the ESC to wide slip mode.

The new 2022 Fiesta seeks to be more comfortable and convenient in all driving scenarios with a host of new features and functions. The 2022 Fiesta boasts a 12.3inch digital gauge cluster that you can customise and choose different themes and display modes. There’s also a whole suite of driver assistance, including active park assist, lane assist, adaptive cruise controls and cross traffic alert.

Sitting in the cab you’ll find an 8” central touchscreen that offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as displaying live traffic updates and local hazard information. The FordPass app can also be used to unlock and start your Fiesta as well as giving you handy data including your fuel level, alarm status, tyre pressure and oil!

 Following the facelifted Fiesta is the facelifted Fiesta Van which begins at around £16,715 ex VAT. The Fiesta Van has a similar makeover as it’s passenger car counterpart and the frontend has had a revamp with the height of the nose being raised, the Ford badge being repositioned and a new, large, angular grille being it’s prominent feature.

The new Ford Fiesta Van features LED headlights with a new shape and lighting signature sitting next to the new grille, whilst the rest of the vans makeover has been rather subtle and includes new darker tint tail lights and black housings.

The Fiesta Van is heavily influenced by the 3 door Fiesta but has the rear side windows replaced with a steel panel and you can choose between two trim levels, Trend and Sport.

The Trend is the more basic model and comes with 15 inch steel wheels with plastic wheel trims where the Sports model is a little more exciting. It comes with an ST-line inspired bodykit, 17inch alloys and lowered suspension as standard, perfect for the more fashion conscious.

Inside remains the same regardless of which model you choose. You might remember previous versions had a rear bench, this has been replaced with a flat gripped floor and four tie down point. The full-height bulkhead separates the driver from their load area but has a mesh grille to still enable rear visibility.

Both versions some with LED headlights with upgrades available. The famous Ford SYNC 3 8” infotainment unit with SATNAV and Apple Play/Android Play are available, and you can also add on a reverse camera, cruise control and various safety features.


Ford have confirmed that there is only one engine offered with the new 2022 Fiesta Van, and that’s a 123bhp version of the 1.0l 3 cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine with a mild hybrid assistance, linked to a six-speed manual gearbox.


If you’re interested in either Fiesta, it’s best to get down to your local Sandicliffe and reserve yours as soon as possible. With the ongoing delays due to the lack of semiconductors, the sooner you order the better!

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