2021 New Ford GT Heritage Edition Announced Pays Homage To Daytona '66

New Ford GT Heritage and Studio Collection announced, celebrating Ken Miles' Daytona 24-Hour endurance race win in 1966.

Aug 21, 2020

2021 New Ford GT Heritage Edition Announced Pays Homage To Daytona '66

Ford has recently announced a brand-new Heritage Edition of its GT supercar which pays special homage to the Blue Oval's iconic wins from the Daytona 24-Hour Continental endurance races in 1966 - a pivotal year for the company.

British sports car racing champion, Ken Miles and his fellow Ford companion on the track, Lloyd Ruby, started the year victorious behind the wheel of a GT40 MKII, immortalising themselves in motorsport history ever since.

Mike Severson, Ford GT Programme Manager, said: "Miles and Ruby led nearly every lap of the 24-hour race and outpaced competition by 30 miles."

He added: "The win was the first time anyone has threatened Ferrari's dominance in sports car racing and represented a turning point in the Ford GT race programme."

Ken Miles drives '98' Ford GT40 MKII at 1966 Daytona Contintental

After Daytona '66, Ford took home Sebring '66, followed by Le Mans '66.

The new GT Heritage Edition will be painted frozen white with exposed carbon fibre and race red accents, heavily inspired by the livery of the 1966 Ford GT40 racing car. 

20-inch forged gold alloy wheels stand out against eye-popping red Brembo brake calipers as standard whilst owners can choose the option of 20-inch exposed carbon fibre wheels through an upgrade package.  

The model gets an Alcantara flat-bottom steering wheel and Alcantra race red seats for maximum grip against the high speeds that the race car offers. 

You also get signature '98' roundel graphics sweeping the interior and exterior as a special nod to 1966's winning car. 

In addition to the 2021 GT Heritage Edition, Ford has also introduced a Studio Collection package which comes with customisable graphics and colours (shown at the end of our gallery below). Only 40 Studio Collection packages will be available between 2021 - 2022.

The 2021 GT Heritage Edition is set for an early 2021 delivery with Ford GT production concluding in 2022, making the Heritage Edition even more exclusive and desirable.

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