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Accident Repair Centre

Car Body Repair

Whether your car has suffered a minor paint scuff or a serious crash, the team at our Sandicliffe Accident Repair Centres can help you. Our fully trained and qualified accident repair technicians can restore your pride and joy in a time-efficient and safe manner until it is completely roadworthy. Every accident repair job is carried out to the highest standard using genuine manufacturer parts and the latest car repair equipment, and you will even get a replacement vehicle to keep you mobile while work is going on.

When you visit one of our Accident Repair Centres in the East Midlands, you can expect:

Free estimates

Use of a car or light commercial vehicle during repairs (T&Cs)

Free collection and delivery (T&Cs)

3 year warranty on workmanship

Interest free payments for repairs or insurance excesses (£250 and above)

Loyalty card holder benefits and discounts

Want proof of our expertise? Our car repair team has been trained to Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) standards and manufacturer trained standards. Sandicliffe Loughborough ARC is also approved by Ford, Mazda and Nissan, and is an accredited PAS125 British Standard Institute Kite mark repairer.

With over 60 years’ experience in car body repairs, we understand the importance of delivering a first-class, thorough and transparent service. No matter what kind of accident your car has been involved in, we will offer a free estimate of the body repair-work needed and give you a courtesy car if necessary.

If replacements need to be made during the body repair of your car, rest assured that our vehicle repair technicians only use genuine manufacturer parts that have been crash and safety tested – protecting you, your family and the value of your car. If you need to contact your car insurance company, we can also assist you with that and filling out the claim form, thanks to our approval by major motor insurers.

Car Scratches

Car scratches might seem like a minor repair job which you are tempted to do yourself, but it’s always worth visiting your local Accident Repair Centre to have the scratch damage inspected by a professional. If a scratch isn’t removed correctly, it could cause a build-up of rust and encourage corrosion in that area, or decrease the resale value of your car.

Sandicliffe technicians use a combination of experience and manufacturer approved equipment to complete all types of scratch repair work. First the damaged area is sanded and treated to ensure no dust particles are present. Next, a base primer is carefully applied, followed a paint re-spray selected to match your car’s original paintwork exactly. Heat is finally applied to ensure the paint sets evenly over the scratched area, leaving a flawless finish.

Dent Removal

Another area of car repair that we specialise in is car dent removal. Paintless dent repair is suitable for small dents caused by the likes of loose stones, trollies and small knocks when parking your car. If the dent is more severe, we can also complete dent removal and paint-work to restore your vehicle to its previous condition.

We have numerous Sandicliffe Accident Repair Centres in the East Midlands, including in Nottingham and Leicester, where our manufacturer approved and trained PDR technicians can remove all kinds of dents to your car with precision and accuracy. Only specialist dent removal tools are used to manipulate steel panels and get the job done to the highest standard.

Windscreen Replacement and Window Repair

If your windows have been scratched, broken or damaged in any other way, come to one of Sandicliffe’s Accident Repair Centres for a high quality, time-efficient windscreen replacement or window repair service. To back our belief in the high standards of our workmanship, your windscreen replacement or window repair will come with a three year guarantee – along with the rest of our accident repair services.

Our technicians use window repair equipment and quality replacement windows from the correct manufacturer to leave your car windows looking good as new. Well-maintained windows can increase the resale value of your car in future.


Tracking or wheel alignment is the process of ensuring your vehicles’ wheels are set to the correct position specified by the manufacturer. A number of knocks and bumps can knock your tracking out of place such as accidently hitting the kerb or pothole.

Tracking which has been knocked out of place can cause excessive wear to your car tyres and/or your steering and suspension, so it is advised to get your wheel alignment checked regularly.

If you feel as though your vehicle is pulling slightly to one side when in motion, or if you have noticed unusual tyre wear particularly in only a certain area of your tyre wall you may want to bring in your vehicle so we can check the wheel balancing. All manufacturers have slightly different requirements on how different makes and models wheels are balanced and a slight knock or pot hole in the road can knock out the wheel balance. So if you do notice a difference in the way your vehicle is handling we can check your wheel balance for you and rectify if needed.

Air Con Re-charge

Over two thirds of vehicles sold today come with air conditioning and climate control as standard.

To ensure you can enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning continuously, the system needs regular upkeep to ensure it is working effectively. Part of this upkeep is an air-con recharge, which is advised every 2 years. The gas is drained out of the system and new gas added. This will ensure your air con system is in full working order, and isn’t harboring bacteria which can build up over time.

Air conditioning comes as standard in most vehicles manufactured today. The air con system and climate control helps to keep the temperature in your vehicle constant and comfortable, maintaining a cool temperature on warm days and warm dry air on cooler days, to help eliminate mist on your windows. To ensure your air conditioning system is always working as it should it needs regular up keep. An air-con recharge or / Re-gas is recommended every 2 years and an air-con refresh is also recommended every now and again to ensure bacterial growth and unpleasant smells are kept at bay.

Van plywood lining

We provide manufacturer-approved van plywood lining, alongside van accessories, flooring, shelving, racking and more to keep your van interior safe & secure.

Having a plywood lining in the cargo area of your van is a great way to protect the vehicle from damage, which in the long term can cause scratches, holes and rusting. To maintain the resale value of your van and keep it looking presentable, Sandicliffe offers a ply lining service which is carried out by an experienced technician at one of our Body Shops in Nottingham, Leicester or Loughborough.

Our skilled technicians will expertly install plywood lining to the metal shell of your van, with metal anchorage points to keep the plywood secure.

All plywood, steel edging and other parts are manufacturer approved and come with a 12 month warranty. So you can have complete peace of mind when you choose a Sandicliffe Body Shop for a plywood van lining service. No matter what manufacturer or model your van is, our technicians will provide a tailored and practical van lining solution that will protect the interior of your vehicle.


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