For many of us, the festive period between Christmas and New Year is a time for visiting family and friends or going on mini-breaks. This often means getting in the car for a trek along the motorway or windy country roads – which isn’t always straightforward if you haven’t prepared your vehicle and packed smartly.
Whatever type of car journey you’re making this festive season, we advise that you use these helpful car accessories and preparation tips to ensure that it goes smoothly. 

Car accessories

Bluetooth hands-free kit

If you don’t have Bluetooth connectivity in-built in your car, we strongly recommend using a Bluetooth hands-free kit for staying connected throughout your journey. Hands-free kits are mounted to your dashboard or windscreen and hold your phone in place with a spring-loaded clamp. Use it for making and answering calls using voice-recognition software, as well as sat-nav. 
At our Sandicliffe online Shop, we sell a range of Bluetooth hands-free kits for Ford and Mazda cars from leading manufacturer, Parrot.


Smartphone traffic-watch app

This is a virtual car accessory which is a god-send for avoiding traffic jams on busy routes. You can find a number of traffic-watch apps that are free to download on any iPhone or android device, but one of our favourites is Waze. This traffic-alert and navigation app provides real-time updates from fellow Waze users, so you can know the latest traffic updates and re-plan your route if necessary. 

Rear or roof cycle carriers

If you’re planning on doing some cycling on your winter get-away, a top quality cycle carrier rack is essential if you want to maximise boot-space in your car. For longer and lower vehicles, we recommend a roof cycle carrier. Available in set or 1 – 4, our Thule bike carriers are sturdy but not cumbersome and are sold fully assembled for quick and easy mounting. If you own a high vehicle, we recommend a rear cycle carrier. We sell MontBlanc and Menabo Biki versions, which hold up to 3 bicycles and have high strength straps and adjustable settings to keep bikes fully secured. 

Karcher Chassis Cleaner

During winter it’s important to keep the underside of your car safe from corrosive road salt. That’s why we suggest giving the underside of your car a clean after a long journey with Karcher Chassis Cleaner. It uses a car shampoo and pressurised water to wash away salt, and includes a treatment layer to protect your car from salt corrosion for up to six weeks.

Car vacuum cleaner 

Banish crumbs from long car trip snacking with a small, lightweight car vacuum cleaner. There are many models available from various manufacturers, but one of the best is the Black & Decker vacuum cleaner. It has a 12V outlet that can be plugged into your car cigarette lighter, can be used for tight corners and has a double action filtration system for long-lasting performance. 

Breakdown/accident kit

It’s always worth packing for the worst-case scenario with a breakdown/accident safety kit, especially when you will be driving for extended periods on busy roads. At our Sandicliffe Shop we sell kits for a wide range of Ford and Mazda vehicles. These include a first aid kit, EURO-warning triangle, orange warning vest and a first aid guide.  

Boot storage box or net

Never underestimate the difference a well-packed car can make, especially if you’re travelling with the whole family! Separate smaller or more valuable/breakable items from the rest with a practical storage box or luggage net, which we sell at our online shop. Storage boxes can be easily attached underneath rear boot shelves to keep certain items elevated, while storage nets keep items in the boot securely in place. 

Cool box

Our Waeco Tropicool Fresh Bag is electro-thermic powered with a 14-litre capacity, to accommodate 1.5 litre bottles and various foods. Perfect for transporting edible gifts to family and friends over the festive season, without spoiling them or risking leakages over the rest of your luggage. All contents of this cool box are kept at 5⁰C using a fixed point thermostat. Not only that, but it’s lightweight to carry with a useful shoulder strap. 

Car back seat storage organiser

Have you ever been in the car for a long drive and had to constantly look for that bottle of water, iPad, umbrella or book? By attaching a simple storage organiser to the back of the passenger/driver’s seat, you and your passengers can easily access smaller items when they’re needed – without searching the car for them first. 


When driving regularly in winter, it’s important to have enough antifreeze in your car’s radiator alongside the engine coolant. This will prevent the water in the radiator and engine from freezing in sub-zero conditions. At Sandicliffe, we sell a range of premium antifreeze products specifically designed for Ford car models. All antifreezes at our online shop have 20% off during the winter season, so hurry while demand is high. 
If you want to buy any of the helpful car accessories available at the Sandicliffe Shop, we offer flexible delivery options over the Christmas period. These include £10 next working day delivery and £5 delivery in 2-3 days.